Diffraction Entertainment Ltd. publish the TKC designed TSWW game series, the ONLY way to fight World War Two on your table top at 15 miles to the hex, with units ranging from P51s to HMS Warspite, from the elite panzer divisions of the Heer to the US Marines assaulting Atolls in the Pacific.

Every TSWW game in each “theatre” (Europe and the Pacific are our “theatres”) interlocks, so if you have the space the ETO mates to the MTO, Africa links to the MTO and the Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War maps tie in with both. In the Pacific the South East Asia maps tie into the maps for the Solomon Islands and New Guinea, both tie into the Philippines and thus to Japan, with China and the Soviet Far East locking all together. The Central and North Pacific has been covered at a mix of operational 15 mile to the hex gaming, and at strategic sea map displays at 75 miles to the hex, as has the area around Burma and Malaya.

Madagascar our unique game about the Allied invasion of the Island in 1942 is on a separate projection but is at the same TSWW scale used in all our games.

All our OB and timeline research is from the same basic source files, thus providing a seamless transition from game to game, ensuring that the products correctly reflect each other in unit terms.

In addition the games individually are playable in smaller bite sized scenarios and modules, each of which usually fit on smaller areas of the mapping provided, thus enabling every gamer the opportunity to play the games in a reasonable space.

As a result, TSWW does it all, and a whole lot more, with unified rules, charts, unit ratings, and game system components that are consistent across every game in the series, providing players with a one stop shop to operational gaming.

Glenn Davis’ Foxhole: Utah Beach is the first in our Euro style tactical combat game series, dealing with warfare inside TSWW hexes… its exciting, easy to learn, hard to master, and OUT NOW.

So, grab one of our games today (all are inclusive of shipping world wide) and find out what all the fuss is about! Fight WW2 at home, and see if you can win for your preferred side….

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