The TSWW Game Series

TSWW is the premier operational board war gaming system which, using interlocking games and modules enables you to fight as the Axis, Allies or Soviets in WW2. It provides you with operational gaming at its finest!

The system

The game system has a 15 mile land hex, a 75 mile sea zone/strategic map hex, with air units operating seamlessly with both hex sizes. Ground units typically are Divisional in size, with Brigades, Regiments and Battalions included for their combined arms capabilities, combat effects, and their combat power. Air units are approximately 40 aircraft at full strength, and half that on their reduced side. Naval units are individual ships from Battleship to Fleet Destroyer, with smaller craft in flotillas. Submarines spread their lethal effects into adjacent zones, and we are the only game system we are aware of to show logistics flowing forward to the forces in the field.

Specialist units that had an exceptional impact may be shown despite their comparative rarity or small size in all fields, so TSWW includes specialist ASW air units, Decima MAS, the LRDG, the Brandenburg Regiment, the Chindits, the Lushai Brigade and so forth as a result of their impact (real or imagined) on operations.

The aim

The aim of the game system is to provide a fun environment to play a game that will, if players take historical decisions, give a result that is comparable to the historic record. Clearly, as soon as you decide to invade Poland with the Swiss, that changes to a “what if” environment, and knowing that we all like to try the unusual, the game system and its components usually include “what if” modules, optional forces and a system design which permits players to test their favourite concepts without breaking the game system.

Since release in 2010, TSWW has become one of the most highly reviewed game systems available, and we have a variety of customer comments ranging from “wow – never thought I could get something like this” to “amazing – the best game I have ever played”. We pride ourselves on the quality of the contents of each and every one of our games, and go the extra mile to make the games that little bit special.


All the TSWW series are available in Quartermaster’s Edition (Self Print), Lieutenant’s Edition (Maps, Box/Ziplock sleeve, and counters printed by us to the highest standards, Rules, Orders of Battle and Charts on CD ROM), and Colonel’s Editions (Maps, Box/Ziplock sleeve, Counters, Rules, Orders of Battle, and Charts printed by us). Pricing clearly reflects the contents of each edition, and is staged to permit players to purchase the games that most satisfy both their desire to play the game and its affordability

On the next few pages we will provide an over view of each game in our series – and over time will provide additional screen shots, art excerpts and so forth to let you as our clients, our most important ingredient, see what it is that we will give you inside each game!

NOTE: Whilst the contents for future releases are based on our anticipated opportunities for game development, DE Ltd and TKC reserve the right to amend contents without notice until the games are placed on Sale.

We will also continue to release smaller titles as time or space in the schedule permits. These will only be announced via our blog and our other news channels on Twitter, Facebook and our Yahoogroup (

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