Benefits of the TKC System

TKC produce the highest quality game components of any counter-based strategy game. These include:

  • Box is 4 colour press, reinforced and laminated.
  • Art is 1200 dpi, and the print has UV screening to reduce fade
  • Maps, single side matte laminated, on high quality paper. Again to very high resolution (1200 dpi) and UV screened to reduce or eliminate fade.
  • High quality crease and fold to minimise or eliminate fold cracking on the printed side.
  • Counters are 4 colour press plus UV screen, die cut to the highest possible standards.
  • Counters are double side print when required.
  • Rules and charts are either loose leaf digital press, full colour where applicable or are perfect (glue) bound for larger booklets, stitch bound for smaller booklets.
  • All games come with a variety of small scenarios, larger modules and a grand campaign. Some have multiple time scales for game turns with more detail added to the system for the shorter turn length options.
  • Recent titles come with a variety of learning aids.
  • Multiple play aids on the website for free download.
  • 72 hour turn round on customer queries
  • Rapid shipping 99% of the time on orders, with warranty on game components when shipped.
  • Free global shipping to any address world wide if bought direct
  • System is cohesive, consistent and works every place from pole to pole, all around the world.
  • All games if purchased will over time link to provide a global solution for The Second World War….