The TFWW Game Series

TFWW (The First World War) will be our new series of games covering The Great War of 1914-1918.

The series is currently in the planning and research phase with the 8 major titles envisaged as follows:

Home By Christmas

Home by Christmas is the TFWW ™ game introducing the new “The First World War” game series.  Commencing with the August 1914 declarations of war, the game encompasses the initial campaigns on the Western Front, moving forwards into the violent 1915 clashes in Flanders as both sides introduced new and more lethal weapons. 

By the end of the game in 1916, the horrific Battles of the Somme and Verdun were part of the folklore of the peoples involved in these tumultuous clashes.  Can you implement the offensive plans of your political leaders and national populace and have the troops Home by Christmas?

More information, and full pricing will be announced in due course.  It is currently anticipated that pre-sale will open in 3 months time, with release in 18 months time.  Pricing based on our best estimates for this limited production game will be around £350 on pre-sale, and approximately £425 on release.

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Inside the striking box you will find:

  • 4-5600 counters dealing with the massive forces deployed by both sides in The First World War on the Western Front.
  • 6-8 maps plus additional strategic mapping to the usual high TKC Games standards at 15 and 75 miles to the hex, showing the battlefields of the First World war.
  • Rules 100-130 pages of perfect bound loveliness to the now standard TKC Games format.
  • Central Powers Order of Battle booklet detailing the forces deployed by Imperial Germany in the bloodletting in the West.  Perfect bound again to the highest standards.
  • Entente Powers Order of Battle booklet detailing the vast forces raised and deployed by France, Belgium and the British Empire to stop the German invaders.  Again, perfect bound continuing the TKC Games tradition of quality components.
  • At Start booklet full to the brim with learning, introductory, and limited scope scenarios, major battle modules, and of course the TKC Games speciality, the Grand Campaign.  This will also be perfect or stitch bound to the highest quality possible.
  • Game Charts.  Printed in full colour on high quality card stock to the same standards as TKC Games top selling TSWW game, Balkan Fury (Revised Edition)
  • Unit Information and Terrain Booklet.  Printed in full colour on high quality card stock to the same exacting standards you have become used to from our world class TSWW series.
  • 2 x D10 Dice (of course – you need these to see if your plans are working out!)


Armistice! is the TFWW game dealing with the Western front from 1916 to the armistice in 1918.  The game will ship with 4-5600 counters, 6-8 maps and fully bound rules and orders of battle, as well as high quality charts and of course the obligatory 2 x D10 dice. 

Content creation has commenced with OB research ongoing to fill out the forces deployed by the Entente, its Associate Powers (the USA being prime) and the Central Powers in the brutal and bloody conflict on the Eastern Border of La Belle France. 

Produced to the highest standards, Armistice! will,  like all TKC Games include multiple scenarios, modules and a Grand Campaign, which will commence with tiny learning scenarios, progress through major battle modules to enable players to learn the TFWW system in all its glory. 

Highlights will include Passchendaele, the German Spring offensives, the US Army engaging in its first combats and of course, Black Wednesday as the Allies finally break the German lines in France and move decisively to mobile warfare.  Naval elements will include the historical small force engagements with a what if “Death Ride of the Dreadnoughts” scenario.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but it is likely to retail at £350 (plus VAT in the UK) inclusive of global shipping.  We will announce final pricing in due course.

The Eagle and the Bear

The Eagle and the Bear is the TFWW Game dealing with the fierce combat in Eastern Europe from 1914-1917, the demise of Imperial Russia.  Players will find in the box at least 6 maps, and 5-6000 counters providing the massive combat forces deployed by Imperial Russia, Imperial Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

Encompassing the battles throughout Poland, Western Russia, East Prussia and Galicia, the game will be produced to the usual high TKC Games standards, commencing with tiny learning scenarios and progressing to a massive grand campaign module.

Rules, OBs and associated booklets will be bound, whilst the charts and maps will be printed on high quality card and paper (like all TKC Games products, maps will be single side laminated for longevity) whilst we will also provide the necessary 2 x D10 dice. 

Pricing is very much in the “not confirmed” box, but given the vast scale of the game it will be likely to retail at £380+ (plus VAT in the UK) inclusive of world wide shipping.  We will of course announce final pricing in due course.


Gallipoli is the TFWW Game dealing with the Entente efforts to knock the Ottoman Empire out the war, and to then stab into the “soft under belly” of the Central Powers.  A brilliant concept, it was stymied by fanatical Ottoman resistance and the incredibly difficult terrain that Entente troops had to deal with. 

Outline design is underway, and it is anticipated that the game will be a zipbox product following the new TKC Games presentation of smaller products.  We believe it will have 2-4 maps, and 2240 counters in the box – but this remains to be confirmed as it is possible that we will add in elements (at least) of the Palestine Campaign to the title, which would transform the game into a real monster package!

What is certain is that the TKC Games market leading edge in component quality will continue, with world class counters, map sheets and bound rules and Orders of Battle being a core part of the product’s presentation.

Watch this space for more on Gallipoli as we prepare the game for pre-production research!

Balkan Rage

A working title, Balkan Rage will deal with the brutal internecine warfare that erupted across South East Europe between 1914 and 18, with the Central Powers crushing Serbia, and finally destroying the Romanian armies in the field. 

It will show the rapid Entente counter offensive in 1918 which liberated much of Greece and what became southern Yugoslavia post WW1.  In the box will be at least 6 maps and 2-4000 counters plus the usual TKC Games maps, bound rules and orders of battle, plus of course 2 x D10 dice.

Watch this space for more on Balkan Rage as we prepare the game for pre-production research!


Dealing with the bloody combat between the Austro Hungarian Empire and the newly Entente aligned Italian nation, Italia will show the see saw battles on the fringes of the Alps until, with massive German support, the Central Powers broke the Italian lines at the brutal Battle of Caporetto. 

Finally the game will encompass the dramatically successful Italian counter offensives in 1918 which finally, along with internal political strife, broke the back of the Austro Hungarian Empire.

In the box will be maps of Italy and the South Western are of the Austro Hungarian Empire, plus counters covering the forces employed in this exciting theatre.

Watch this space for more on Italia as we prepare the game for pre-production research, supported by our industry leading research team.


Postulated as a second zipbox title, the concept is to show the wild pursuits across central Africa as the German garrisons led the Entente’s colonial forces on a merry dance for the entire Great War period.  Outline ideas are being formulated and more will be announced in due course.

Arab Dawn

Postulated as the TFWW game dealing with the Entente campaigns in Palestine, Trans Jordan, Syria and Iraq, plus potentially including the Ottoman war with Imperial Russia, this title is under consideration to fully show the massive scope of this theatre. 

From the Indian Armies catastrophe at Kut, to the capture of Damascus by the Arab irregulars aided by Lawrence of Arabia, Arab Dawn will provide players with a TKC Games product dealing with a little known, yet crucial theatre of war.  More will be announced over time as we determine whether or not to combine this game with Gallipoli.