The BTW Game Series

La Guerra box art

The BTW (Between The Wars) game series deals with those conflicts outside of WWI and WWII (our TFWW and TSWW game series respectively). This series of games already includes La Guerra which is in final stage research and development and is available for pre-order in our shop.

The full list of proposed titles is as follows:

La Guerra

Available on pre-order, La Guerra is the lead game in the Between the Wars game series.  Currently in development, the game will have at least 4 countersheets (and probably more), 3 map segments, a very pretty box and the usual TKC refinements, ranging from a cut down TSWW rules set to lovely shiny dice.

Covering the Spanish Civil War, the game will include a grand campaign module, as well as a variety of learning scenarios and game modules, ranging from simple air missions to the Battle of the Ebro.

Coming after Barbarossa, La Guerra will retail at £185 plus VAT in the EU inclusive of global shipping.

For a limited time only we are able to offer the game at the exceptional Pre-Order Price of £139 plus VAT inclusive of global shipping.

The Korean War – A Police Action

“The Korean War – A Police Action” is the BTW game dealing with the Korean War from 1950-53. 

Coming as it did directly after WW2, and caused by foolish decision making in the immediate post war era splitting the Korean peninsula between the democratic and West leaning Republic of Korea and the communist and Soviet leaning Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, the lack of clarity in US foreign policy along with the ongoing desire of Stalin’s Soviet Union for untrammelled access to the Pacific Ocean pushed Kim Il-sung to launch a blitzkrieg style invasion of the poorly defended South. 

Harry Truman, US President declared the massive US and Western Allied response to the invasion to be nothing more than “A Police Action”.  Can you force  reunification of Korea upon the peoples of the South before massive United Nations “policing” forces arrive or will your UN forces smash the North Koreans and push the Chinese to intervene?

Currently in early stage analysis, prior to full development, the game will eventually be placed into press with a target retail price around £250 plus VAT in the UK.  Expressions of interest should be made via

In the Box will be:

  • At least 2240 counters covering the massive forces deployed by both sides in the tight confines of the Korean peninsula, along with additional “what if forces” to explore the impact of the war should it have expanded beyond being a “police action”.
  • 2 maps covering the Korean peninsula most likely at 5-8 miles to the hex and the region around it at 75 miles to the hex.
  • Rules, Orders of Battle and Charts to the most current TKC Games standards, using our acclaimed perfect and stitch bound booklets where applicable.
  • 2 x D10 dice.

Las Malvinas, The Falklands Conflict

Las Malvinas, The Falklands Conflict is the second game in the BTW game series. Dealing with the conflict between the Argentines and the UK in 1982, the game provides an operational examination of one of the few modern wars fought between land and naval forces. 

Against all the odds the Royal Navy gained sea control, air parity (some might say superiority) and landed British troops in San Carlos water to commence the liberation of the illegally occupied “Las Malvinas”. 

The Falklands Conflict provides players with an entry to the modern warfare element of the BTW series, and includes several what if options along with a hypothetical “Falklands ‘88” module examining the potential outcome of tensions which erupted once substantial mineral deposits were discovered in British Territorial Waters surrounding the Islands.

What if the Argentines had decided to make another illegal land grab over ruling the oft stated desire of the Falklands populace to remain British?

Currently in development, it is too early to confirm pricing, but it is intended to be below £100 GBP plus vat if in the UK, shipped world wide.

Contact us via for more information on the game!

In the newly designed folder box will be:

  • 560 counters representing the forces engaged in the Falklands Conflict, as well as additional what if asset examining different forces that could (and perhaps should) have been engaged. 
  • 2 single side laminated maps covering the Falkland Islands and the seas around them at 75 miles to the hex for operational war fare and 5 miles to the hex (NOTE: this may change to an even more intimate scale in due course) covering ground operations on the Islands themselves.
  • Rules, orders of battle and charts to the usual high TKC Games standard, all perfect or stich bound where applicable
  • 2 x D10 dice