1914–1917: The Eagle and the Bear (TFWW)

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The Eagle and the Bear is the TFWW Game dealing with the fierce combat in Eastern Europe from 1914-1917, the demise of Imperial Russia. Players will find in the box at least 6 maps, and 5-6000 counters providing the massive combat forces deployed by Imperial Russia, Imperial Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Encompassing the battles throughout Poland, Western Russia, East Prussia and Galicia, the game will be produced to the usual high TKC Games standards, commencing with tiny learning scenarios and progressing to a massive grand campaign module.

Rules, OBs and associated booklets will be bound, whilst the charts and maps will be printed on high quality card and paper (like all TKC Games products, maps will be single side laminated for longevity) whilst we will also provide the necessary 2 x D10 dice.

Pricing is very much in the “not confirmed” box, but given the vast scale of the game it will be likely to retail at £380+ (plus VAT in the UK) inclusive of world wide shipping. We will of course announce final pricing in due course.