1916–1918: Armistice! (TFWW)

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Armistice! is the TFWW game dealing with the Western front from 1916 to the armistice in 1918. The game will ship with 4-5600 counters, 6-8 maps and fully bound rules and orders of battle, as well as high quality charts and of course the obligatory 2 x D10 dice.

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Content creation has commenced with OB research ongoing to fill out the forces deployed by the Entente, its Associate Powers (the USA being prime) and the Central Powers in the brutal and bloody conflict on the Eastern Border of La Belle France.

Produced to the highest standards, Armistice! will, like all TKC Games include multiple scenarios, modules and a Grand Campaign, which will commence with tiny learning scenarios, progress through major battle modules to enable players to learn the TFWW system in all its glory.

Highlights will include Passchendaele, the German Spring offensives, the US Army engaging in its first combats and of course, Black Wednesday as the Allies finally break the German lines in France and move decisively to mobile warfare. Naval elements will include the historical small force engagements with a what if “Death Ride of the Dreadnoughts” scenario.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but it is likely to retail at £350 (plus VAT in the UK) inclusive of global shipping. We will announce final pricing in due course.