1944: Utah Beach (Foxhole)

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Two maps representing a 15 mile wide region of France behind Utah Beach with 500m hexes on 4 lovely Euro Game style hexes, Foxhole: Utah Beach is Glenn Davis designed, with ease of play and challenging longevity in the box from the start. OUT NOW and shipping, its a great way to get into board war gaming, or to get rest from the TSWW monster lurking in your gaming room.

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Foxhole: Utah Beach includes 560 Die Cut Counters showing the units that fought behind Utah Beach in the first few days of the invasion…. at Platoon, Battery and Company level

4 laminated map segments showing the critical Normandy terrain right behind Utah Beach

Ziplock Bag with a lovely slip cover – designed by Glenn Davis – we love it, and hope you do as well!

Rules Booklet


Orbats (including quick start on the counter sheets)