1950–1953: The Korean War – A Police Action (BTW)

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“The Korean War – A Police Action” is the BTW game dealing with the Korean War from 1950-53.

Coming as it did directly after WW2, and caused by foolish decision making in the immediate post war era splitting the Korean peninsula between the democratic and West leaning Republic of Korea and the communist and Soviet leaning Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, the lack of clarity in US foreign policy along with the ongoing desire of Stalin’s Soviet Union for untrammelled access to the Pacific Ocean pushed Kim Il-sung to launch a blitzkrieg style invasion of the poorly defended South.

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Harry Truman, US President declared the massive US and Western Allied response to the invasion to be nothing more than “A Police Action”. Can you force reunification of Korea upon the peoples of the South before massive United Nations “policing” forces arrive or will your UN forces smash the North Koreans and push the Chinese to intervene?

Currently in early stage analysis, prior to full development, the game will eventually be placed into press with a target retail price around £250 plus VAT in the UK.