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Looking at scenario 9; Fall Blaru, there seems to be some discrepancies with other sources like the web

– Appears 18 Smot Inf XX at PG2514 and 18 Mech XX at QF0441 and doesn´t appears 18 Panzer Division
– Don´t apperars 251 Inf D, 257 Inf D, 19 (Rum) Inf D, 203 Sec D, 213 Sec D, 454 Sec D and 707 Sec Brigade
– Are the same unit, 1 x 4-6 Mtn [X]: 4 (Rom) at QE0219 and Reduced Mtn XX: 4 (Rom) of QE0122?
– 21 (Him) Inf D at QF0714 doesn´t appears at internet
– 6 (Hun) ID seems duplicated at QF1029 and QF0527