This is our release of the Madagascar invasion – codenamed Operation Ironclad.



This is our release of the Madagascar invasion – Codenamed Operation Ironclad.

Can you find a way to hang on as the Vichy French with minimal forces and few supplies until the Japanese arrive to offer “support and friendship”, or will your overwhelming British forces take control of the Island fast enough to forestall Japanese plans to counter your Operations?

As the only (to our knowledge) operational game at this scale of the operations on the Island, we are delighted to offer you the game presented as a Ziplock Edition, with:

  • 4 Map Segments covering the jewel of the Indian Ocean
  • 1 Countersheet (280 counters) including the British, Vichy and Japanese projected counter invasion forces
  • CD ROM or printed (depending on edition) rules, charts, OBs (5 scenarios, including a what if involving the Japanese Empire getting involved) – Operations Ironclad (the initial invasion grabbing control of Diego Suarez in the north of the Island), Stream, Line and Jane (progressive operations to gain control of the remainder of the Island).  All are handled at either half month or 5 day turn scales.  The forces provided for the Japanese were gleaned from the Japanese monographs that discussed their intent to cut the British supply line to India by taking the Island back from the British, and are the first detailed representation of the IJN and IJA in TSWW.
  • 2 x D10 Dice.

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