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Operation Watchtower is the all encompassing operational game covering The SW PAC theatre of WW2.


Operation Watchtower is the all encompassing operational game covering The SW PAC theatre of WW2.

Commencing with the 1941-42 Japanese drive to the South West, aimed at cutting Allied supply routes to Australia, the game continues through the desperate US led counter attack at Guadalcanal and the Australian troops clinging on for their very existence at Port Moresby through the climactic and bloody naval battles in the Coral Sea, Bismarck Sea, The Eastern Solomons and in Iron Bottom Sound, to the eventual Allied drive north towards the Japanese bastion at Rabaul.

The game will ship with 12 countersheets (3360 counters), covering all the forces involved in the campaign from start to bloody finish… It fits between Day of Infamy and Singapore!, and links directly to both of these titles, as well, of course, as I Shall Return and the final TSWW Pacific series title Kamikaze….

With 21 new style maps, with the same exceptional plasticised finish as Operation Merkur, the game will include New Britain, New Guinea, The Solomon Islands, Truk, and Noumea on map. As usual the maps will split enabling you to enjoy the game in parts as well as on the large combined map area. It is likely that additional Strategic Mapping will enhance your play further – watch the updates on the blog for more as the game moves towards completion!

Orders of Battle will include the usual TSWW refinements, including modules for the major land and naval battles, a variety of what if options and so forth.

Rules and charts will be to the normal TSWW standard.

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