Covering the Campaign in Malaya, Singapore, Burma and areas of the Dutch East Indies for the entire Second World War.



Covering the Campaign in Malaya, Singapore, Burma, and areas of the Dutch East Indies for the entire Second World War, Singapore! is the latest in the outstanding TSWW Operational Game Series.

The SEAC campaign is fully covered and the game includes the Malayan and Dutch East Indies campaigns. With the title starting in December 1941, and ending in August 1945 with the Japanese surrender, Singapore! is your one stop route to operational gaming in South East Asia in one box…

The game is includes 23 Map segments, 10 countersheets plus the usual Rules, Charts, Orders of Battle and high quality pair of D10 Dice.

In the box there is an At Starts booklet with 24 modules and scenarios, including learning ones to help you all get into the game double quick. In addition we have now released extra modules )(in all editions) and a Strategic Map display (included in the comprehensive General’s Edition) which also has bonus information on the Australian defence forces culled from Operation Watchtower.

The Rules, and Charts have been heavily worked over to make them easier to access, and are the very latest that TSWW has to offer you!

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