TKC Convention news – Dundee, 22-28 August 2020

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The TSWW convention 2020 is finally gaining some momentum. We have a Facebook poll to find out hosting preferences at The venue will be the Marryat Room in Caird Hall.

Content at the convention will provisionally be as follows:

  1. Play space – at least 1 and possibly 2 rooms for the week. We will lay on copies of our Barbarossa title and Singapore for those wanting a monster to hammer away at. We will also provide a copy of HP and Balkan Fury for player use, and may well provide Merkur as well – its small.
  2. In the evenings we will run seminars which will consist of (in no particular order as yet except 1 and 7:
    1. Day 1: Welcome, invite to drinks and food someplace
    2. Day 2: Company briefing for DE and TKC boardgames
    3. Day 3: Overlord and Sea Lion… Fact Versus Fantasy.
    4. Day 4: Rhzev or bust…
    5. Day 4/5: The MTO a diversion?
    6. Day 5/6: TKC Games – digital demo
    7. Day 6/7: Thank you, check out and invite to drinks and food someplace

Dundee has a bit more going on than Perth during evenings in terms of restaurants and what not, and has the Dundee V&A museum, plus the steam and sail driven research ship Discovery down at the waterfront.

It turns out not to be cost-effective for us to try to arrange a block hotel booking. In fact, it’s rather more likely that individuals will achieve better pricing by arranging their own accommodation through websites like

If enough people want to golf, I can also have a chat with an old friend and see if we can book up something a bit special for you all… no promises yet but I can see what I can do, but a round at the home of golf could possibly happen.


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