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Martyn Potts

Hi Ron,

Firstly, all combat replacements are added to the replacement pool and they can be used at any time in the future.

I would refer you to the replacement charts on page 13 of the Barbarossa charts. Taking one of your Russian divisions it is a Standard infantry division meaning it has 3 infantry SPs and 1 artillery SP, halved if reduced. You have two of them so we are back up to 3 and 1.

For combat replacements the relevant rule is 16.A.3 and I will assume nobody is isolated. The standard replacement rate is 1 SRP for every 3 SPs eliminated, but the Soviet P&E says their replacement rate is 1 for every 4. If the Russians were attacking when they suffered these losses they would get 0.75 infantry SRPs and 0.25 artillery SRPs. Had these been German divisions they would have received 1 infantry SRP and 0.33 artillery SRPs (the German combat replacement rate is not modified by their P&E rules).

If the Russians suffered these losses when defending, AND the Germans had advanced into their hex after the combat, the standard rule says they would get no SRPs. I always use the Optional Rule which gives them 25% of their normal replacements in infantry SRPs. In this case their normal replacements would have been a total of 1 SRP made up of infantry and artillery, and 25% of that would be 0.25 but ALL infantry – heavy equipment is abandoned on the field!

As for your 5-12 artillery unit, the same principles apply but exactly how much you get back depends on whether it was a battalion, regiment or brigade. They would all be artillery SRPs (see Non-Divisional Unit Replacement Costs chart) unless using the optional rule in which case they would get 25% of their standard replacements but in infantry SRPs.

Hope this is clear.