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My opponent and I kept reading your example and we are still not clear. The Russians had two reduced infantry divisions that were eliminated and then the Germans advanced. The P and E for Russia is one out of 4 stacking points is a SRP and we are also using the 25% optional rule. So the reduced Russian divisions had 3 sp of infantry and 1 sp of artillery. We do not understand where you get 1 SRP for the replacement for the Russians. Should it be 3 divided by 4 which would be .75 infantry and then 1 divided by 4 for the artillery which would be .25. Is this how you got 1 SRP for the two reduced divisions? Then the one would be times .25 which would be .25 SRP? Is this correct.

The rules interchange stacking points with SRP’s. This is confusing us. Do you go by the unit rebuild chart when figuring out the SRP for each unit. Do you go by the unit rebuilding chart when you spend SRP to get a unit back.

For example: when playing a larger campaign game, do you have to calculate the SRP every time a unit is lost or is there a way to keep track of how a unit is lost.

Do you keep track of stacking points as you go along or is there a easy way of handling this?