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Yes it will. But it is not just ZOIs that can block the tracing of the LOS. Rule 15.A.30:
Line of Supply (LOS): An unlimited uninterrupted overland route to units through friendly owned territory from an ST or the National Supply Source, or, on the Overseas System, to a friendly controlled port of any size. It may not be traced through prohibited terrain or through an EZOI unless negated. The LOS may also include a river element and an air element via emplaced River QMs and Air QMs respectively. Units on islands can trace a LOS via an operational ferry route to a Great or Large port on the Continental System or a Great or Large port with an ST on the Overseas System. The LOS is used solely to determine isolation.”
And Rule 15.A.31:
Isolation: Isolation is defined as not being able to trace a LOS.”

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