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Martyn Potts

“Does the Peleponnese count as Greek mainland?”
Yes. Despite their best efforts to cast it adrift with the Corinth Canal!

“Is the Greek mainland and / or the Peleponnese counted as friendly territory to the Axis? I understand friendly to include own, allied or surrendered enemy territory. If both are friendly, then presumably the Axis can trace an LOC over the rails and roads all the way down to Neapoli (0433)?”
Yes. The Germans had won the war on the mainland by the time op Merkur took place.

“Presumably the 7FK Corps HQ must be within 6 MSR of the ST to provide offensive supply?”
Yes, unless it is sitting on GSPs

“When tracing an MSR over non-road and rail hexes, does the terrain effect how many hexes you can trace?”
Yes. See the MSR Weather Modifiers chart on page 8 of the Merkur charts. You will find a more comprehensive version in later versions of the rules (MSR Terrain & Weather Modifiers chart in v1.6).