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John Bannerman

Hi Erik
We cannot due to the way the printers work in this instance do an upgrade kit – and given the entirely new German and Italian OBs I am not sure it would be worth trying in any case (the only stuff remaining more or less static are the Greeks and Commonwealth forces – and even with them there will be additions or minor tweaks based on better details now available.

The increase in size (8 not 4 CS, amended and updated mapping, timeline extension from Oct 40 through the end of June 43) is not minor. We are also adding a bunch of learning Scenarios and additional Modules covering a variety of operations on (or close to) the main map area. I believe this provides value for clients who wish to upgrade their games to the current standard.

Thanks for the kind words… I was Covid case 3 in Tayside, thanks to the morons in the NHS. No harm no foul as I was affected by a minor chest issue at the time as well as the after effects of a minor operation thus was pumped full of anti-biotics which killed off any side bugs that would have caused an issue.

I hope you and yours are doing well!


John Bannerman