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      John Bannerman

      Hi All
      Balkan Fury 2 is now in full development. The game will have much the same foot print although I may squeak Alexandria on map. In addition the time frame will be stretched to take the product up to June 1943 in line with Blitz 2, Barbarossa, Mare Nostrum and so on. This is major development and makes the system more complete in my view.

      I have been asked for strategic level mapping but this will not be in Balkan Fury 2 as the increase in time frame means more counters, more modules, more scenarios and a number of what if elements will in fact reach the box.

      Some elements of the OBs are being heavily updated. This is particularly true of the Italians (to bring them into line with the balance of the series) and Germans (to mate correctly with the East Front in particular).

      Finally the rules (which are more or less done) are based on V1.6a – the current state of the art in the TSWW series. Martyn will I understand be working up charts once I get some data to him relating to partisans….



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      Any ETA when Balkan Fury 2 will be ready?


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      John Bannerman

      Hi Ron
      We are finalising the content for the game – and will get to it in due course. The current Covid 19 mess, plus my recovery from a minor operation has delayed things however we can also say that we have been making good progress on Watchtower, and on an expansion to the system. I will do my best to update on all these topics later this week (we have just about gotten Barbarossa Pre-Order out the way so I can focus on other things…)



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      Sorry if I’m late to the game, but I have a question on the new updated Balkan II: Are there plans to create an upgrade for those of us with the Original game? I generally frown upon having to buy an entire new game in order to get relatively smallish updates and enhancement, when my money could go to getting other games I don’t have yet. The games are looking really good John. I hope you have stayed Covid free and healthy.


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      John Bannerman

      Hi Erik
      We cannot due to the way the printers work in this instance do an upgrade kit – and given the entirely new German and Italian OBs I am not sure it would be worth trying in any case (the only stuff remaining more or less static are the Greeks and Commonwealth forces – and even with them there will be additions or minor tweaks based on better details now available.

      The increase in size (8 not 4 CS, amended and updated mapping, timeline extension from Oct 40 through the end of June 43) is not minor. We are also adding a bunch of learning Scenarios and additional Modules covering a variety of operations on (or close to) the main map area. I believe this provides value for clients who wish to upgrade their games to the current standard.

      Thanks for the kind words… I was Covid case 3 in Tayside, thanks to the morons in the NHS. No harm no foul as I was affected by a minor chest issue at the time as well as the after effects of a minor operation thus was pumped full of anti-biotics which killed off any side bugs that would have caused an issue.

      I hope you and yours are doing well!


      John Bannerman

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      Last update on forum is one year old. An update eta for the game? If BF 2 is so late the other games in development from the scratch have even greater delay?

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      Simone Capecchi

      The best way to stay up to dates, is check and follow the Facebook community page.
      The name of the page is TSWW Gaming Community, it’s promptly updated and Jhon himself write here the progress of the game(s).
      You can ask at the same time questions, the group is very responsive.
      Hope thi helps


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