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    John Bannerman

    Hi All
    Balkan Fury 2 is now in full development. The game will have much the same foot print although I may squeak Alexandria on map. In addition the time frame will be stretched to take the product up to June 1943 in line with Blitz 2, Barbarossa, Mare Nostrum and so on. This is major development and makes the system more complete in my view.

    I have been asked for strategic level mapping but this will not be in Balkan Fury 2 as the increase in time frame means more counters, more modules, more scenarios and a number of what if elements will in fact reach the box.

    Some elements of the OBs are being heavily updated. This is particularly true of the Italians (to bring them into line with the balance of the series) and Germans (to mate correctly with the East Front in particular).

    Finally the rules (which are more or less done) are based on V1.6a – the current state of the art in the TSWW series. Martyn will I understand be working up charts once I get some data to him relating to partisans….



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