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Martyn Potts

Hello Roger,

I can’t say it has ever bothered me, maybe because I always have the counters orientated the same way. I’ve just checked and you are right. I played Blitzkrieg a few years ago and that has a high counter density in the West and I recall it being fiddly. I usually don’t have any air units on the map either as they are invariably in off-map holding boxes which also makes it easier to keep track of their status.

Interestingly, I recently picked up GMT’s Battels for Rhode Island and Newport in a sale and remember reading on BGG whilst I was deciding whether or not to get it that someone thought the hexes too small for the counters. I have it out on my games table at the moment and again, I haven’t really noticed it to be a problem. I liked the system so much I have got some more in the BOAR series and those earlier games do indeed have bigger hexes! I guess it is what you get used to.

There is a forum here for each game in the TSWW series but if you have something that isn’t game specific there is a general forum at the top – ‘Anecdotes, Enquires and Support’.