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      1 x Corps HQ: XXX
      2 x 12-6 Inf XX: 50, 170
      1 x 12-6 Inf XX: 72, 170
      1 x 8-6 Inf XX: 50 (-)
      1 x 4-6 Inf III: 123/50
      NOTE: Can be combined into the 12-6 Inf
      XX: 50 when both are in the same hex at
      the start of an Axis player-turn.

      In the Oct 1st reinforcements for the Crimea scenario 2 game, why is the 170th division repeated twice.

      Also my opponent wondered if the 50th 12-6 division is placed on the map and the note means another 50th division is combined.

      Also confused about LP in the scenario. Are these used to put units in offensive supply or do they merely have to be adjacent to Corps HQ?


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