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      Playing the Crimea scenario 2. I would like to know how far you can trace from a ground unit to a corps HQ to Sevastopol or Kerch for General supply? I know that the Russian MSR is 4. So is that 4 hexes to a Corps HQ and then from the Corps HQ back to the supply source is 4 hexes?

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      For a unit to be in General supply, he traces a MSR from a unit to either a Corps or Army HQ or supply source? Do railways extend this MSR? In the Crimea 2 scenario the 12-6 LW inf division, he is out of supply or in supply at the the start of the scenario. If he is out, is that because he cannot trace an MSR to a German captured city? And is it correct that in 1941 the German MSR is 6 and the Russian is 4. I am just trying to figure how the Russians at the neck of the Crimea in Scenario 2 of the Crimea are tracing supply?


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      Martyn Potts

      Hi Ron,

      This is one of the ‘discovery’ scenarios which gradually add more rules and introduce new concepts as you work through them. As such, the supply rules are simplified. For the Germans, their units are in General Supply if they can trace an MSR of any length to an Axis controlled city. For the Soviets, they need to trace an MSR of any length to Kerch or Sevastopol. For Offensive Supply (only really relevant for the Germans) the units need to be stacked with or adjacent to a Corps HQ in the combat phase. I would add that they can also only be in OS if they were on GS to begin with.

      If you want to play this scenario with the full rules set then turn to page 28 and play The Crimean Campaign.


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