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      Crimea scenario 2. The Scenario supplies the German and Soviet with a 1/3 LP per turn. The scenario specifics state that units are in Offensive supply if stacked with or adjacent to a Corps HQ. Would this mean that the German or Soviet player must spend a 1/3 of an LP every turn to put their Corps HQ in Offensive supply? Must the German player trace from the Corps HQ 6 hexes to the Army HQ and then 6 Hexes from the Army HQ to the scenario supply source? One more question is when using the continental supply system is Air units in General supply. In the Crimea scenario 2 do air units have to have a 1/3 LP spent on them to put the in offensive supply? Or do air units only need to be in General supply for bombing and CAS missions?


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      Martyn Potts

      On the Continental system if you can trace an MSR to an airbase, either directly from a LOC or through STs and HQs, then all air units at that base are in General Supply. You don’t need to expend any LPs on them. That is only required on the Overseas system.

      David has simplified the supply rules for this scenario. I don’t think he has given you any STs. I would assume all your air units are in supply unless their airbase is surrounded by enemy ZOIs, and all your units are in General Supply if they can trace an MSR from any of their cities – noting that an EZOI would block the MSR unless negated. To get Offensive Supply just expend your 1/3 LP per turn and then any unit that is in General Supply AND is stacked with or adjacent to an HQ is in Offensive supply during the combat phase. Being in GS is a prerequisite for OS.

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