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      Martyn…thank you for quick response. Until the errata file is compiled and released, may I ask a quick question. I am playing Operation MI (Midway) and with the different USN task forces, battle and support, there is no sea zone in italics where to place them on the map. The previous units’ placement was Midway and I wasn’t sure if the differing task forces were to be placed there or the historic Point Luck site, NE of the island. And some of the other USN TF’s were a bit ambitious (the Saratoga TF, for example). At least with the IJN TF’s they were given a hexside to enter from. If you could help with these questions I would appreciate it and I do look forward to the errata file to help tweak an already fun game. Thanks again. Ken Kissam

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      John Bannerman

      Hi Ken
      Sorry I missed this! I intentionally made the set ups liberal. The point luck idea is fine by me as designer – but play how you wish to. The outcome will be a bit more random in any case (spotting will cause issues) and when I do the games the modules and scenarios are usually not straight jacketed for naval elements.

      So – the reason we do not put location codes in the SZs is to provide players with a bit more in the way of options than you might do if KB is in SZ AA and the USN are in SZ BB… not much to do but fly a search immediately to point AA or BB and see who gets a good die roll…



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