The Battle of North Cape

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      I’m new to the series and am struggling a bit with the flow of the naval rules. I have set up the North Cape scenario and was hoping someone would tell me if I’m interpreting the rules correctly.
      The Germans succeeded in their NIM roll and spotted the JW55B convoy.
      I sent the 2 aircraft on patrol missions to cover all the remaining allied fleets and spotted the other convoy among others.
      I sent the SSF after the 3 cruisers as they had a low ASW total.
      I than sailed the German fleet 5 zones to the spotted convoy and prepared for combat. The convoy scattered covered by the 8 destroyers which would need to survive for 4 turns to protect the NSP’s. The other allied fleets cannot intervene even if using the optional rules as the Axis was not spotted by air or NIM. Combat starts at short range.
      After 4 rounds of combat, the Germans will be ammo depleted and will head for home.
      Any comments so far please?

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      Simone Capecchi

      Hi Alan, I suggest you point to the TSWW Gaming Community facebook page; more frequented than the forum


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      Thanks. Have posted on Facebook.

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