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      John Bannerman

      Hi All
      Finally I have some news on Vengeance. At this time David has commenced the not insignificant task of building the Soviet OBs for the game. He will be working flat out on the Army and Air Force as you can imagine.

      I will be working on the Axis OBs when time permits (probably not till Watchtower is complete) and Cory and I will sort out the various navies. As per Barbarossa expect this one to be a major task to get completed. Current state of play:
      1. Mapping at final draft
      2. Box front done.
      3. Scenario and module list “drafted”
      4. Axis research done except the DKM which is not a big task
      5. Soviet research on the way except the VMF, which I will be doing (not a major task)
      6. Rules complete unless we find a major issue (they in effect are the Barbarossa ones)
      7. Charts complete bar the odd amendment to account for time frame and victory conditions.
      8. Axis minor nations research more or less complete – Cory and I will examine the “flipped” minor nations for changes.

      More as this game grinds forwards…



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      Any updates on Vengeance?


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      Hi John:

      Checking in. Are you still on track for release sometime next year?



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