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      John Bannerman

      Hi All
      With a lot of hard work done by the team, we are nearing press on Watchtower. That is not to say the game is ready for art by any means!

      So far we have:
      1. All Ground and Air OBs fixed
      2. IJN OB largely done
      3. Mapping to draft level done
      4. Box front done

      We need now to get the USN sorted out – this is a mission as it currently has about 400 ships of the 1900 main vessels I need to look at timelined in the TROM file I am working up.

      Once that is done I will compile the main game OBs and assemble a “whole of war” USN solution. Cory is away visiting family so some work cannot be done until he is back. This relates to auxilliaries which we need not just for the USN but for the RAN, RN, and IJN to make the game work in the area (ports in the area are not as you may know them – they are often little more than an inlet or single jetty with no other facilities).

      More on progress (which has been stellar so far) as soon as I have it – but expect the USN to cause a little bit of a delay.



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      Craig Shumpert



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      John Bannerman

      Thanks Craig… this is not the horror it could be (although we have a couple of new unit types and rules to fit them in).

      I think it will be a superb game – with a mix of air land and naval combat which is likely to be unparalleled in the series.



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      Wouldn’t it be possible to show something about the counters or the map?

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