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      With currency exchange rate always fluctuating, what exchange rate would be used, the rate on the day the order was placed, the rate on the day the order is shipped or some other day?

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      The card is charged by your bank at the rate that applies at the time the charge is run.

      Just as a side note, check with your credit card company about their policies for international credit transactions. Many charge an additional fee for currency conversions. If you have options, pick the one that charges the lowest fee. My wife and I keep one particular card just for international purchases.

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      John Bannerman

      The card is charged at the point of sale and international exchange rates are set by your bank. Please check with your card provider for more information on this – it can be expensive if you do not get this right as one of my retailers found out to their cost. Tim is spot on here!



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      I thought morris wanted to know when the Card was charged, especially for the presales games. For example, if I ordered Mare Nostrum 2, would my card be charged the day I order or later ? And if later, when precisely ? When it is released?
      Arnaud CV

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      The card would be authorised and charged at the point payment is made. Hope that helps.

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      Hi Andrew,
      That sounds logical! This doesn’t tell WHEN the payment is made 😉 (at the time we pre-order or later, when the game is actually released?). I precise that I’m not used to the pre-order routine but as far as I know, GMT Games, for instance, charges some days before they ship the preordered game. Thanks for your answer!

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