Barbarossa… At Start!

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At the Start of the End of the Development Process!

Starting to End….

With the bulk of proofing dealt with, I have now commenced the assembly of what will be our biggest block of At Starts in a single game on release. Ranging from very small learning modules to massive campaigns, there will be 24 (I think – maybe 1 or two more or less) modules and scenarios which enable play of the game on small, medium and large game boards.


For those who love scale, we are also providing a number of linking modules that tie Barbarossa into the wider war, and will enable you to enjoy TSWW as it should be – the whole war underway at the same time, wherever it happened (and has been released… so far!). For those of you who have Blitzkrieg Mk1.29, Mare Nostrum, Balkan Fury, Barbarossa, Day of Infamy, Hakkaa Paalle, Madagascar and Singapore, it will be a mammoth option to consider playing. I know I REALLY want to have a go!


Tom has also been working on a Vassal module for the game for some time but this may not release simultaneously due to the vast amount of work we have done on proofing the title. That said I hope it will work well until the next major project behind the scenes gets fully sorted out. More on this a little later one the specifics are put together, but it will be really exciting.

Other Progress on the game…

Finally I have gotten the UIC fixed for Barbarossa – it is a little different to the norm so please take heed of it! There are a couple of new counter types, and the strategic display map key has been added. All of this comes at the cost of reducing the counter colour guide to only those which are necessary for the game. Even so, it in my view is an improvement.

Release Date

Clearly this has taken a long time to get put together – or so it feels! Even so from commencement of art for the game (officially on 16 Oct 2018) it has not been that bad! However I am really urgently trying to get the game to press not later than June 10th but I am debating a release on the day that was to shake the world….

Thanks for your support – I really appreciate it…

John Bannerman


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