Barbarossa shipping update

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As I am sure you are aware we are now taking stock into the company.  This is a long drawn out process.  So far we appear to have all the boxes, most but not all the Rules, OB and At Start booklets, as well as all the Axis production sheets in hand.  I am still awaiting the maps, remainder of the booklets, charts, and some reinforcing card from one supplier.

Dice are in hand, and outers for shipping are on order with delivery in the next 7 days.

The counters go on the press on 12th February, due to a delay in sourcing the substrate they need for them.  After that they go to the finishers for die cutting and finally we will have the game in hand here and ready to ship. 

If you have not already emailed to confirm shipping address, and any box lid preference please do so NOW –


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