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At Start…

As usual we are working things slowly in the back ground to get the basics in place. To that end currently I have been working on mapping (about half a day per week) to bring it in line with the games released more recently. This is not a priority BUT will continue over time as it finalises the mapping in Western and Central Europe for Liberation and for Blitzkrieg II.

OB Updates

In concert with my head researcher, Cory, I have identified changes to the Axis OB in particular which will reflect the massive amount of work done by us on Barbarossa (which was the whole war). Italian garrison forces will not appear in Blitzkrieg as they are a key component of Mare Nostrum. However German forces in the West will be there in full, as will of course the Allied units necessary. We have also considered modules, so in addition to those in Blitzkrieg we have plans for more – particularly small learning ones, and a number of major what ifs (and a couple of tiny ones for interest).

Art for Art’s Sake

At this time there is no plan to modify the primary box art – although I may make the text Blitzkrieg II! If players wish a new box art design please contact us via this site and I will see what I can come up with – perhaps, depending on the outcome of the Barbarossa option system, a standard box and a new limited edition box lid. What do you all think?

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Klaus Stolzke · July 18, 2019 at 8:45 am

I favor a new box art design for Blitzkrieg II. I build a wall with the game boxes on top of my cabinet.
And there is much more space to fill ;). I will pay for an extra box design. Kind regards, Klaus

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