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Due to the very unfortunate catastrophe caused by the Peoples Republic of China and its entirely laggardly response to its populace’s unfortunate habit of eating foods that any sane person would disavow thus creating the 3rd massive pandemic sourced from China in the past 20 years, and the almost unbelievably tardy response of our governments, many of us are suffering from assorted lockdowns, social distancing, travel restrictions and, even worse, the loss of loved ones.

If you have suffered the loss of someone close to you, please accept our sympathy and condolences. Remember the good times with joy and remember that they would wish you to move forwards with your lives, however difficult that may be.

We here at TKC Games and DE Ltd. are fully aware of the tragedy, and have instigated several measures to both ensure you can still get the games you love, and, if isolated away from your collections, still have the opportunity in someway to enjoy your collection to its greatest extent. Clearly this effort is minute given the scale of the tragedy but if we can help in some small way we are happy to do so.

  1. At this time none of the staff in the company are suffering from COVID-19. We will update if that changes.
  2. We are shipping 100% of our stock via couriers. This has caused temporary price rises on Ziplocks (which were priced for Royal Mail Postal service). These rises will be removed as soon as it is safe to use our local post office (it is so small that there is no chance of Social Distancing and as my mother is 82, and vulnerable, and as I have had months of antibiotics and a recent operation, thus being on the vulnerable list we will not take chances with our health, or yours).
  3. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any warranty or guarantee as to the condition of the couriers and postal service workers handling the product enroute to you and as such take no liability for the possibility of Covid 19 contamination of the product or yourselves in any jurisdiction.
  4. On arrival, if you are concerned you must:
    a. Place the game in a secure location, away from people for at least 72 hours.
    b. Do NOT touch your face or exposed parts of your body once you have handled the parcel.
    c. Go directly to a bathroom or kitchen, wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
    d. Sanitise any door knobs or surfaces you have touched enroute to wash.
  5. After the set aside period, open the box carefully and push the game through the box. Do not try to pull it as it is frequently extremely tight within the outer.
  6. Do not drop it on your foot. It most likely will cause injury – and again we take no liability for injury caused!
  7. Enjoy the product!

We are also helping by:

  1. Waiving the cost for PDF editions of the games if you already own them. This can be claimed by contacting me directly via the contact us if you are isolated from your games (perhaps to care for your elderly or vulnerable family members). Given the volume of requests, please only do so if you are isolated.
  2. In association with Tom Wenck, who has been incredible at helping us and our clients, you will also get a link to a completely free, exceptionally well built VASSAL Module for your game(s). Again claim this via our contact us.

Shipping is slower than normal, as the courier networks are under incredible strain, and, due to the lock down, we are unable to bring in help from my friends and family as would normally be done when we are under so much pressure to get stuff out the door. We are aware of slow deliveries, which have not been helped by absolute morons ordering products from websites, and then refusing to answer their doors when the socially distancing courier staff deliver. This clearly is a major time delay. So, please have patience as the courier staff are putting their lives at risk to deliver your games and are being messed about by other, less considerate people who should know better.

Our customer service help is still behind our games, with replies to sales enquiries, rules queries and general comments being done as fast as possible. Again this may be a little delayed as many of my team are volunteers, and are extremely busy with remote working, family concerns, and of course your needs.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Without it, our games would not exist… and you would not have the fun with them that you are used to! Stay safe, healthy and well…


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