Introducing the new TFWW Game Series, plus more BTW games

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We’re happy and excited to announce that research has commenced into a series of games covering The First World War. Our TFWW series is set to include at least 8 games covering the entirety of WWI!

We’ve dedicated a page to describing the envisaged titles in the range here.

The games will include:

  1. Home By Christmas
  2. Armistice! 
  3. The Eagle and the Bear.
  4. Gallipoli.
  5. Balkan Rage. 
  6. Italia. 
  7. Africa. 
  8. Arab Dawn. 

Read more about these titles and the conflicts they will cover on the TFWW page.

More games proposed for the BTW series

Adding to the exciting news about our games covering WWI we have also started planning two additions to the BTW (Between The Wars) series. Adding to La Guerra which is already available on pre-order and nearing completion, we will be adding:

  • The Korean War – A Police Action
  • Las Malvinas, The Falklands Conflict

You can read all about the BTW series on our new BTW page.


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