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Due to the mess created by Covid 19, Brexit and the ongoing pingdemic (the use of apps to force isolation on people), we are experiencing unprecedented levels of problems with couriers. This mostly impacts on the EEA, where exact addressing is now 100% vital as the courier companies are no longer prepared to accept address amendments, changes or incorrect details.

Pick ups by most couriers are being delayed (this is not in our control – we chase the booking agents constantly on this, but we are getting random delays up to 14 working days with some couriers) as well, which means we have a variety of issues to contend with. Even the majors (DPD, DHL/TNT, Parcelforce, UPS and FedEx) are struggling with the problems. To that end we will ship on an ad hoc basis, with an attempt to group parcels into block shipping events until further notice to try and create sufficient demand on items that we get more priority on pickups.

Furthermore, for our EEA clients, we have some requirements (which if not dealt with voluntarily, of necessity will go into our terms of business).

You must provide the EXACT delivery address. In our order notes section please make 100% clear what type of address that is – if it is a business (this must be clearly detailed and must include the business EORI number even if the client has not ordered as the business as the regulations do not appear to differentiate between individuals and the business at a specific address) or drop point we must be informed. If we are not we will not ship, and will ask ONCE for the correct information.

The failure to provide an EORI number means we cannot ship according to new EEA rules and regulations created by Brexit as the parcel will be declined at the point of entry to the EEA. It will then be returned to us at great cost. We will decline to pay for any fees caused by clients not providing the correct information and as such will bill the client for such.

In the event that you provide incorrect information or fail to respond to a query from us within 14 working days, you will now be billed for the game plus our time to resolve shipping problems. Failure to pay by will result in all existing pre-orders being cancelled, and the funds retained by us to cover our extraneous expenses.

These harsh measures are vital – I have wasted over 21 working days since 1st January 2021 chasing incorrect addresses, courier choices which make no sense (we do NOT use Hermes as they are not competent in the UK in our experience), and assorted client created shipping issues, all bar one case within the EEA.

Please provide us with the correct information so we can continue providing the quality of service you expect and deserve.


John Bannerman


DE Ltd


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