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HI All

Well what a few months it has been here.


I took a dig about – I have 3 or 4 Mare Nostrum Ziplocks left.  If you order one you will get a something thrown in (and not a bigger bill)!


Balkan Fury I think is about sold out.  Not much left so grab that now!


Hakkaa Paalle – low stock but not too bad.  I will do a deal for anyone ordering one from this email – so reply to me on for a special offer. I may have 2 Scratch and Dent ones as well – 20% of on them!


Singapore and Day of Infamy are fine. HOWEVER I do have a few (not many) scratched or dented boxes so… one time only deal – get 20% off the Singapore or DOI of your choice as long as you do not mind a marked or dented box (contents are perfect) – again reply to me on if you want one.


Madagascar and Operation Merkur are all good.


Operation Battlaxe is low stock but not too bad.


So – if you want a wee spring bargain LET ME KNOW.





John Bannerman


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