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Hi All

As you may be aware we tend to be quiet on here unless stuff is happening… so here goes!

  1. Watchtower.  Game is now in art development and OB creation.  In parallel as possible.  Mapping is in final draft, box is in final draft, about to do the covers for the various booklets… Research is more or less complete, with a few bits being tied up.  I am in process of creating the 43-5 global USN OB.  Big task but as soon as done it permits a defacto cut and paste to create the bulk of the game OBs.  We also have the same process for ships… for some or all of the war in place now. 
  2. La Guerra.  Basic consideration of completion tasks now done – this means I need to finish mapping.  Cory needs to rate stuff.  I need to generate OBs and then counters.  Game will then be complete once Martyn does charts.
  3. Expansion.  On hold – see above.  I have a Barbarossa addendum request from David to provide more NKVD “junk” for the Soviets and that needs a little work to develop.  I also want to get the games out (this is why the expansion is NOT on pre-sale).
  4. Liberation.  Game will go to art and development in parallel with Balkan Fury II as soon as we get Watchtower and LG out the door.  Both are close to complete in research terms (USAAF, RSI notwithstanding… another thought is we need to look at the French Army of the Interior….).  BF is done research wise.

On another tack, 6 Degrees card game is now shipping… so if you want some fun with all the family ping us an email or buy the game at… This is a fun game with 2 ways to play in the box, 108 cards, score sheets and rules in a very pretty wee box… the first 500 (pre- main run Ltd. editions) are selling fast at £20 plus VAT and a small delivery charge.

So what else is new?  In the software project we are incredibly busy in various vital negotiations.  We cannot discuss things as yet with you all to put forward our release schedule, but developments look exciting.  Finally decisions on Blitz II and MN II release schedules will occur in the early New Year…. As soon as we go to a fixed schedule the early bird existing client discount will be removed – so if you want the v2 games please pre-order before 10th January.

Have a great weekend!


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