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Well after a long period of hassle with a variety of issues (including my mother being quite ill, a large number of business meetings, and assorted other issues), Balkan Fury 2 is now in final game development. This means that I should be in counter art next week – which is a bit late. Sorry about that!

Cory and I are discussing OB elements to fix them in place given my cut off decisions, and we are working hard to get the game as good as it can be. I am looking at providing a different handling of the various Italian torpedo boats – which is iffy due to their small size. That said they are the primary Italian escort asset in many areas of the Med and perhaps should be dealt with more liberally.

The research team also appears to more or less have dealt with Watchtower…. at last. That means as soon as I can get BF2 out the door Watchtower gets re-loaded into the production effort. Not much could be done given the variety of issues we hit up against, but progress will I hope be rapid once back at the coal face here.

I have also just made a cut line for the joins between Liberation and Vengeance – some areas of the map of necessity will be duplicated. Not much to be done as I want to provide the players with some options as to strategy in their operations on the margins of the game late in the war. Ownership of Balkan Fury will permit more options for the Western Allies as you might imagine…

La Guerra is stalled for want of team time – but will move forwards rapidly now we are out from under various other issues. More on this once we get to it.


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