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Just off the phone with my head researcher – time for an update on Watchtower…. which is what we discussed at length (already having dealt with Barbarossa last time).

Basically we have with David involved gotten a bunch of work done behind the scenes. However we need to look at the following items:

Various USAAF assets – this is commenced and should not take too long.

Various USMC assets – this is on hold as the USAAF is harder and bigger to handle.

Various US Army assets – this is done but needs reviewed for consistency.

Various USMC assets – this is partially done (peters out in October 43). This is on the list obviously.

Various USN assets – we both have a lot to do here.

Free French – we think that the answer is “its in Mare Nostrum” – ie the one decent battalion was withdrawn to the desert by the FF in 1941 – but we will dig in case there is a CD or something.

IJA IJN – I and David have this well in hand.

MAPPING _ Draft outline and area of play done. See the pic of the map area (now you know where Mark got the Savo play test from)….

Module development – in progress at slow pace.

So what needs doing except a lot of research? Well I need to get Barbarossa done and then map this area. Not a big deal except I am out of pocket due to business meetings this week. I will be spending any spare time on barbarossa for obvious reasons. Cory is bashing at the US air and we will then both hit the USN as hard as we can to complete it.

As soon as all that is done (!) we get to counter art and OB creations – and this whilst it sounds like a horror story is in fact way ahead of where Barbarossa was this time last year…. so I hope this will be an easier task.

Looking good btw – I am excited by this game as it will show the combined arms element of TSWW…


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