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The conflict between the Argentines and the UK in 1982 and providing an operational examination of one of the few modern land and naval wars

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Las Malvinas, The Falklands Conflict is the second game in the BTW game series. Dealing with the conflict between the Argentines and the UK in 1982, the game provides an operational examination of one of the few modern wars fought between land and naval forces.

Against all the odds the Royal Navy gained sea control, air parity (some might say superiority) and landed British troops in San Carlos water to commence the liberation of the illegally occupied “Las Malvinas”.

The Falklands Conflict provides players with an entry to the modern warfare element of the BTW series, and includes several what if options along with a hypothetical “Falklands ‘88” module examining the potential outcome of tensions which erupted once substantial mineral deposits were discovered in British Territorial Waters surrounding the Islands.

What if the Argentines had decided to make another illegal land grab over ruling the oft stated desire of the Falklands populace to remain British?

Currently in development, it is too early to confirm pricing, but it is intended to be below £100 GBP plus vat if in the UK, shipped world wide.

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In the newly designed folder box will be:

  • At least 1120 counters representing the forces engaged in the Falklands Conflict, as well as additional what-if asset examining different forces that could (and perhaps should) have been engaged. Forces will be at ship, flight and company level for the most part giving players the accuracy they crave.
  • 2 single side laminated maps covering the Falkland Islands and the seas around them at 75 miles to the hex for operational war fare and 5 miles to the hex covering ground operations on the Islands themselves.
  • Rules enabling players to understand and utilise the modern warfare element of the TKC games system introducing stand off weapons, range extension for air units and tactical combat for ground forces where necessary.
  • Orders of Battle detailing the British and Argentine forces involved – plus those assets which might have been used… Ranging from the “loan” of the USS Iwo Jima to replace a crippled or lost British carrier, to the offer (half in jest) of the USS Nimitz and her battle group to augment the RN… under the articles of a privateer…. Or the Argentine navy being able to maintain an effective carrier and air group with adequate escorts at sea, plus in the ‘88 module a more modern air force…
  • Charts to the usual high TKC Games standard
  • All booklets perfect or stich bound where applicable.
  • 2 x D10 dice

Available now for Pre-Order at £100 (plus VAT in the UK) inclusive of shipping world wide.