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Commencing in 1937 and ending with the official end of the Chinese Civil war in 1949 the game will be designed to link into the BTW “Korea” game…


Commencing in 1937 and ending with the official end of the Chinese Civil war in 1949 the game will be designed to link into the BTW “Korea” game… as well as the PTO titles of TSWW, and as such is going to be a monster game to be matched by few others.

In the really rather pretty box will be a variety of delectable components for your perusal and play! These include:

  1. 25 maps covering most of Mainland China, bits of Machuria and the Eastern USSR, plus parts of Korea and areas of the Japanese home Islands.
  2. 20 counter sheets. On these will be a full Nationalist, Communist and Warlord Chinese OB with the best research into these forces we can assemble, plus snap shots into the Soviet OB up to 1941, and then a full Soviet PTO OB to fit in with Barbarossa and Vengeance. Western Allied forces are likely to be limited at least in the first instance during research to the assets deployed to China – so the flying tigers, USAAF assets for the most part. We will also put together the 1944-49 or 50 US intervention OB for ground forces and if space permits may impose upon the team to concoct a what if USA Invades China optional OB. Space will be at a premium with 5-700 Chinese “divisions” to contend with! Optional Chinese forces will be provided to illustrate the difference in capability ownership of a land route – preferably from a port with a rail line would have made to the Chinese forces in the field.
  3. TSWW System rules – including the rapidly to become infamous “you are a drug dealer” rule…. Without specific areas of China both sides struggled for money as these areas were the prime Opium growing zones. In addition a series of corruption rules and “cross forces” trading systems will also be worked out to show how the Chinese and Japanese essentially co-existed for extended periods of time. There are a few other things we want to show – but they can remain secret for a while!
  4. Grand Campaign Chinese, Japanese, Western Allied OBs.
  5. At Start book. In this there will be a slew of modules – ranging from small scale things to teach you how to play the game to major operations ranging from the capture of Shanghai, the assault on Nanking, Nomonhan/Khalkin Gol, Suixian-Zaoyang, Changsha, Guangzi and Zaoyi; the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation, and then the key elements of the Chinese civil war. We hope to provide 20 or so modules and scenarios in the box which I think is a good target.
  6. Charts
  7. UIC
  8. Dice – the usual 2 x D10s…
  9. A very pretty box.

So, what have we got done? Well being honest, I have a box front (see attached), a map area, and a lot of research materials being examined by various people in slow time. I have been buying books to assist our efforts, and will as part of a larger mapping exercise be sorting out the maps as soon as practicable. This effort will be long reaching and will take time to conclude as we have a massive game to put together, it will not be a fast or easy project to run.

That said with the support and assistance of my team I think this can be done – and it is now programmed AFTER Vengeance. This is a key part of military history and will fill in the critical role China played in the Pacific Theatre during WW2.

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