HUGE News on the Digital Game Development Project!

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Not everyone has a Bob, but we do. Thank goodness.

Bob Vale, coding genius and all round superstar, has managed to retrieve our old (circa 2011) code from the original digital game development and port it into a current, up-to-date .NET + Unity environment. This means that we can now run the game on any current PC, not only those running Windows 7.

It also opens the door to completion of the game engine and user interface. Developing the game, integrating updated rules are nothing if it doesn’t look perfect – so the intention for TKC now is to complete a working, playable module. This will, we hope, entice investment in the company through share equity purchase and then the ability for us to approach major game publishers.

As a reminder, the TSWW series of games were always meant to be encapsulated in a digital format and, since there are currently 11 published titles with another 4 or 5 to come, we’re talking about a single game engine using the same rules but 11 full titles ready to be plugged in with their own maps, military units and locations.

We want to assemble a team around Bob consisting of graphic designers, user-experience and interface experts, testers – in fact all the people who can help us make the next, relatively small, step into the marketplace with our first playable title. The opportunities for publishers and investors are potentially massive – not just a moderate return on investment but multiplying such investment many, many times over.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a taster of John playing the game using the new code engine:

And it’s not just the game engine that has taken a great leap forward – John’s map editor is now running successfully in modern code, allowing enhancements to speed and quality of map development and even to graphics, textures and icons within.

Here are some pictures of things in action for your enjoyment.

Please contact us at if you’re interested in more information about the project or would like to get involved. Or, perhaps, if you’re that elusive angel-investor looking to kick-start what has been called, by Scottish Enterprise, the next 100 million dollar franchise.


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