TSWW digital game – the software progresses apace!

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As you hopefully are aware, we are developing TSWW (and the other series in due course) as software.  Bob Vale who is doing the programming (and I suspect a lot of swearing) is now able to share with use the following:

  • Movement works….
  • Basic map works
Basic data-driven mapping in place

See the programme! YAY says I and took some screenshots once I worked out HOW to do that in Win10. (Win 7 was so much nicer to use). Anyway, the top image should have a highlighted hex, just right of centre. Every pale green washed hex is a place you can move to…. All very cool.

When you move the unit, a “wiggly worm” type of arrow lets you see the path it will take, which is most useful. The code optimises movement – but obviously you can force moves which are less optimal if they make good sense in terms of ZOIs, enemy force locations and so on and so forth.

So – Bob is getting there – and is not yet driven demented. Beers I think are due in celebration!


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