1936–1939: La Guerra (BTW)

Available on pre-order, La Guerra is the lead game in the Between the Wars game series.  Currently in development, the game will have at least 4 countersheets (and probably more), 3 map segments, a very pretty box and the usual TKC refinements, ranging from a cut down TSWW rules set..Read More

1914–1918: Arab Dawn (TFWW)

Postulated as the TFWW game dealing with the Entente campaigns in Palestine, Trans Jordan, Syria and Iraq, plus potentially including the Ottoman war with Imperial Russia, this title is under consideration to fully show the massive scope of this theatre. Read more about the TFWW game series… From the Indian..Read More

1914–1918: Africa (TFWW)

Postulated as a second zipbox title, the concept is to show the wild pursuits across central Africa as the German garrisons led the Entente’s colonial forces on a merry dance for the entire Great War period. Outline ideas are being formulated and more will be announced in due course.

1915: Italia (TFWW)

Dealing with the bloody combat between the Austro Hungarian Empire and the newly Entente aligned Italian nation, Italia will show the see saw battles on the fringes of the Alps until, with massive German support, the Central Powers broke the Italian lines at the brutal Battle of Caporetto. Read more..Read More

1914–1918: Balkan Rage (TFWW)

A working title, Balkan Rage will deal with the brutal internecine warfare that erupted across South East Europe between 1914 and 18, with the Central Powers crushing Serbia, and finally destroying the Romanian armies in the field. Read more about the TFWW game series… It will show the rapid Entente..Read More

1915: Gallipoli (TFWW)

Gallipoli is the TFWW Game dealing with the Entente efforts to knock the Ottoman Empire out the war, and to then stab into the “soft under belly” of the Central Powers. A brilliant concept, it was stymied by fanatical Ottoman resistance and the incredibly difficult terrain that Entente troops had..Read More

1914–1917: The Eagle and the Bear (TFWW)

The Eagle and the Bear is the TFWW Game dealing with the fierce combat in Eastern Europe from 1914-1917, the demise of Imperial Russia. Players will find in the box at least 6 maps, and 5-6000 counters providing the massive combat forces deployed by Imperial Russia, Imperial Germany and the..Read More

1916–1918: Armistice! (TFWW)

Armistice! is the TFWW game dealing with the Western front from 1916 to the armistice in 1918. The game will ship with 4-5600 counters, 6-8 maps and fully bound rules and orders of battle, as well as high quality charts and of course the obligatory 2 x D10 dice. Read..Read More